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7 Homes in 4 Years From
Denver, CO
“I started investing with the Home Invest Team in August 2014. I've completed 7 deals so far... ...I'm very happy with how things have worked out with Home Invest... ...I would not hesitate to deal with them in the future.”
Patrick N.

Home Invest Makes Us Feel Like True Partners
“Over the past nine months my wife and I have purchased two rental homes through Home Invest and plan to purchase several more. These were our first two rentals we've ever owned and so we were pretty skeptical, conservative and risk averse. However, we had a great experience and we are extremely grateful to Susan H for her candid discussions with us, open communication style and willingness to speak with us outside of business hours and on weekends. So far we've had a very positive experience and HI makes us feel like true partners vs just trying to sell us a house. We look forward to building a portfolio of rentals over the coming years with Home Invest.”
Brian D.
Ahead of Projections
“So my oldest brother was questioning... I've been happy to report to him that all the estimates that have been given to us have been right on the mark and ahead of the original projections... we plan to buy two more this weekend.”
Jim L.

I can’t beat the returns in the stock market that I get from Home Invest
“I didn’t know what to expect… I didn’t know how being a landlord would shake out… It was truly a turn key process. Home Invest led me by the hand and was very prompt with all followups and answered all of my questions. If someone were thinking of investing, they understand the process and have good team members to help… It really was a passive investment…I can’t beat the returns in the stock market that I get from Home Invest.”

Glenn B.

Professional Investor

“The team at Home Invest made themselves available for questions or concerns so we never felt alone in the process. The process for both our properties was efficient, smooth, and easy! They take care of stuff and make it happen!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!.”

Felecia B.

Retired New York Police Department Sergeant
“It’s in my DNA to investigate many companies. Home Invest is the most honest, transparent turnkey Real Estate Company out there, bar none! I am over the top satisfied with the results of my investments with them and will never deal with anyone else.”

Frank S.

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